Bitpanda Ecosystem Token – BEST Review

Bitpanda Ecosystem Token – BEST Review

The Bitpanda Ecosystem token is a utility currency that is currently available on the Bitpanda platform.

What is the Bitpanda Ecosystem Token?

BEST is a currency on the Bitpanda Platform and Bitpanda Global Exchange platform. It serves as an intermediary currency, similarly to the way we use normal currencies (USD,EUR) when trading. Bitpanda launched BEST in August of 2019. The launch of the token can be seen as the most successful IEO launch ever. It was bought out almost immediately by the users of the platfrom, raising over 43.6m EUR.

Why should you use BEST instead of regular currencies?

Bitpanda Ecosystem Token rewards

Simply put, BEST offers more. From lower fees to higher flat revenue to discounts when purchasing vouchers. If you are exclusively trading on the Bitpanda Platform, there is no better currency to use. There is a 0.50% discount in depositing fees which is significant if you are just starting out. On top of that, affiliates using the Bitpanda Ecosystem Token earn 4-8% more on their affiliate recommendations. However, if that is not enough, you get exclusive Bitpanda Launchpad access.

Why is the Bitpanda Ecosystem Token the bearer of good news?

When a company invests in itself, it sends a loud message to the industry. As more people recognize the value of the token, the stability and longevity of the platform will increase. On top of that, Bitpanda plans to increase the benefits of owning the token in the future. Bitpanda users holding BEST in their respective Bitpanda user wallet will participate in future product offerings through exclusive offers, upfront investment opportunities, detailed insights on markets and many more to come. For a complete Bitpanda Best review check this out.

We believe this token is amazing for all crypto-traders. It provides a good incentive for people to migrate over to the Bitpanda Platform.

Furthermore, if you want to learn more about Bitpanda Ecosystem Token and the Bitpanda Platform in general, there is no better place than cointific.