VPSNest VPS Review

When you are looking for a VPS provider and you have some experience in the hosting industry you are usually not looking for the best provider, but rather for the best in a niche that you want to fill. For example, if you just want to experiment you are most likely will look for a provider with hourly billing like Vultr or Digital Ocean. If you are looking for scalability you will most likely go with AWS EC2. The third option is when you are looking for longevity and low prices. That is where smaller providers like VPSNest come in. This VPSNest VPS Review will explain why it is a good idea to trust these smaller businesses and give them a chance.

VPSNest VPS Review

VPSNest was created to provide especially cheap VPS hosting. They are targeting a market that is usually untapped by the big providers. This is the market of people who wish to save on their hosting costs to increase the profitability of their projects or to make them viable, to begin with.

Just because it’s cheap it doesn’t mean it’s any worse. We are at a point where virtualization is fairly easy to do even for a small team due to the maturing technology. There is standardized software that usually takes care of all aspects of running a server node to host VPS servers. this makes it especially easy to offer unmanaged cheap VPS hosting nowadays.

VPSNest, however,  is not all about VPS, they also sell cheap web hosting so if you need a website you can pick one up from them.

The bad stuff

Most likely VPSNest does not own their hardware. This can be positive or negative depending on your point of view. It’s good because the hardware is probably managed by big business, so there is not much that can cause issues. But it’s bad as it’s easy for them to close shop suddenly. It’s not likely something like this would happen, but unlike AWS it’s a possibility.


Smaller providers are bringing value to this industry due to their lower prices and good quality. Many projects would not be able to get off the ground due to increasing hosting costs. If you are looking for a solid provider give them a try, they really deserve it. There are not many VPSNest VPS Review out there currently…