I have been using various VPS providers for years now. They each have their positive and negative attributes, whether it be quality, support or pricing. Vultr is one of the bigger VPS providers and I always liked them for numerous reason. I would like to highlight those reasons in this Vultr VPS Review.

Vultr VPS Review

Vultr offers numerous VPS packages starting at 2.5 USD. Their smallest package currently does not include an IPv4 or IPv6, which will prove troublesome for most customers. They indeed offered IPv4 for the smallest package in the past but even then the performance wasn’t the best. They explicitly stated they make a loss on it, hence they removed the IPv4.

Their 5 USD package and up are quite excellent and offers fast network and hardware speed. As long as I have been using Vultr I have not suffered a single hardware failure or loss of data (at least from their mistakes). Vultr also has features that other providers might not. These include regular automatic snapshot for an additional 20% fee and lightning fast free internal IP-s. Vultr entire VPS provisioning system is custom made which allows a lot of customization and features from their part so big plus there.

You can also pay by the hour which makes renting VPS-s for short durations extremely cost-efficient. You continue to incur the hourly charge until you reach a monthly maximum at around the 20th day of the month.

The bad stuff

There are also some issues, although not many. They are not the cheapest around and even though there was a long price war between Vultr and Digital Ocean their prices are still considered high, especially in the budget community. (For reference a 1 Gig VPS is free at AWS for a year) You also have to pay VAT, which is understandable, but small and micro providers can usually get away with not charging it. The additional VAT can be anywhere between an additional 15-27%.


Vultr is an excellent provider and I hope this Vultr VPS Review showed why. I know this is rather anecdotal, however, this blog should reflect my opinion alone. You can easily find out the specifics at Vultr.com.

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