Today choosing the right operating system for your VPS is a complicated task. While Windows has been simply iterating through versions, there are many distributions of Linux available for your virtual private server.

Let’s examine the pros and cons of windows VPS hosting in this article.

Windows VPS Hosting

Application support:

Popular scripting languages such as ASP, ASP.NET, C# run only on Windows servers. Therefore, Windows VPS is the ideal option for users who run applications built using these languages. Windows servers are compatible with popular database software such as MS Access and MS SQL.

Windows servers also support other scripting languages, such as Python, PHP, Perl, and Ruby, which are mainly developed for Linux.


Between Windows and Linux, Linux is definitely more efficient with CPU, memory, and IO usage than Windows in almost all accounts. Windows servers’ performance improves at higher processing power and memory levels, however, all that comes at a higher cost compared to Linux.

Control panel choices:

Parallels Plesk Panel is the best-known Windows control panel software with advanced features. In its recent iteration, it has completed a major overhaul of its GUI and added tons of much-needed functionality which makes easier server management for users. Hence, it remains a favorite among all Windows users.


Windows servers need regularly updated anti-virus not just for the sites it hosts, but to secure the whole system against viruses, malware, Trojans, and worms as well. Thus system administrators need to be extra careful when running a Windows operating system.

Cost: Windows software require expensive licenses as per different flavors of OS as well as the number of cores in the server CPU.

We have explained all the above for Linux VPS Hosting as well in our other article. Please check our Linux VPS Hosting article to know more about Linux VPS hosting features.

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